Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A way back home,please.

This excerpt of a poem is dedicated to my friend whom I wish would come back home because I will not find my way back if she doesn't. Please come back home.

Let me ask you, butterfly, do you remember your cocoon?
Perhaps you recall spinning thread, a caterpillar's ungainly crawl?
If we can jog your memory, maybe there is hope for me

William Kim (Unsong) but I maybe mistaken.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Real Stories.

So... for about over a month, I have been posting very abstract things about my life through melancholic poems and lyrics which at times don't make sense at all. I would read them again and think to myself "What in the world was I thinking/feeling?" =.=" huh?

Now, let's talk about something real, real happenings in my daily life. This couple of weeks have been all about tests. It started with Calculus,Algebra,Economics, Statistics and yikes Calculus and Algebra again. So, I'm done with them. The night when I finally finished the last test until semester exams was unbelievably boring. After playing squash at the sports centre, I sat at my chair,staring at my pink laptop for about two hours until some unidentified gossip girl started to skype with me. But alas, even after that, we (the gossip girl and I) were still bored to death. Then, I went looking for another gossip girl to chat. So, I called gossip girl no.2 also popularly known as Bimbo No. 2 and we chat for two long hours while stalking people on facebook HAHA. That was fun! Thank You BIMS!!

Random things:

1. I have only ONE sachet of old town hazelnut white coffee here in the UK. So, i am drinking it little by little so that it can last me until winter ie. when I go back to Malaysia. yey!

2.Right now, I'm into Korean. haha this is what happens when you have no other source of entertainment besides what's in your laptop. Right now, I am into 2PM, they're like the BEST boy group ever. So yeah, maybe I'm a bit lembab to like them after so long..but who cares.

3.I bought two chopsticks today, one is pink in colour and another is baby blue..kyaaa~~~ :)

4. Tommorow, I am making kimbap (Korean 'SUSHI'). We'll see how that goes.

5. I just realised that tomorrow is actually spelled with one 'M' and two 'R' (see no.4)

6. And owh, i've just been outbid for an item. :( ugggh.. I need this item to start my new found hobby. I'm not going to give up! Hwaiting!!

Well, that's about it for now. I'm off to make ramyon a.k.a korean instant noodles a.k.a maggi owh but wait, this one has got kimchi in it. So, I'll be having a Korean dinner tonight using my pink chopsticks. :D


Thursday, November 5, 2009


What did I get from all that????

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Segar hari ini
Sejarah meninggal
Segak berseri
Seperti intan bernilai

Sayu hati ini
Sampah sinonim diri
Sarat benak fikiran
Sandarkan masa depan

Setia itu kawan
Sahabat tiada mesti
Sayang sudah pergi
Semangat ini janji.

ps: made no sense,but somehow it does,i think.

Friday, October 23, 2009

'Semangat' or is it?

I haven't been writing about my life,wait my new life in a different continent,different environment and of course different 'semangat'. To be honest, the 'tamparan hebat' of my results has not subside which is weird as I am not the kind of person who would dwell and whine about things that happen to me. Almost everyday NO! everyday i still hear myself asking what if? at the bottom of my heart.What if I had done this? What if I hadn't go there? What if? That's why I'm usually writing crappy poems(if you can call them poems but of course,you can definitely call them crappy).

I am now here in university with a new found semangat. A spirit that is rarely in me after this so many years. Frankly, how I got this far has always been a wonder as I was never(still am not) passionate about anything in my life. I do love money.umm but that's not passion,that's an obsession. However, here it goes. My semangat. I want to work hard. I want to forget the past(which i can't even now). Sometimes, though now it feels like most of the time, this semangat of mine has its drawbacks. I feel that this semangat make me feel disconnected somehow. I'm more distant from others. These days, I smile less, I look more serious and am just not as involved as I once have. Giving reasons of this sort of behaviour is what I always do. What if I want to keep this new spirit of mine without having to forgo other things that do matter to me. Is there an equilibrium point for both sides? Do I have to chose? Or is this one of those creepy questions that can only be answered after the life-long journey ahead? I can't wait that long. How do I know? huh?

yapping.yapping.yapping. On the bright side(haha suddenly ade bright side,apekah?), I have been blessed, I know. I realised that ever since I got this scholarship from Mara. I have been blessed. Who gets a C in further maths with a D and E for its components? Strange.But that is the work of Allah. He is always kind. I feel grateful. Thank you. :') really.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beautiful Day

Beautiful day
What a beautiful day
What a beautiful day

I'm locked up here in my room again
I'm looking out at the bloody rain
It's a beautiful day and everybody's out there
while I'm sitting here in vain

They're all having fun on the beautiful day
All alone I'm thinking of walking away
Walk,walk away from this beautiful day

I got to gut it out,trying to act the part
for mummy and daddy back home,i'm going to study hard
I haven't live the life I wanted
kept missing the parts I needed
can't never pull it together in time
try to make this beautiful day mine.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

.:the first month:.

Question: Describe your first month experience in another country?

Answer: year.sad.SHOPPING.happy.tomyam.lonely.baking.boys(byan n chaer's department ofcourse)

How do I search for something if I don't know what I'm looking for?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

He is always kind to me

He has been kind to me
even if I did not pray
He has been kind to me
giving me a life I could not have asked for more
He has been kind to me
when I nearly took my life away
He has been kind to me
even when I lied
He has been kind to me
even when I start to question
He has been kind to me
when I got want I wanted
He has always been kind to me
when I forget what I have
He has always been there for me
but why do i still sigh?
He has always been kind to me
but why do I continue to be a brat
He has always been kind to me

Now I wish I could be kind for Him.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let's Read.

Let's read.

When a person ask you what do you think of Mustafa Kemal and his principles, you should know well enough that it is not Mustafa Kamal pelakon Malaysia yg anaknya Ayuna meninggal dunia (which you found out 2 years ago from Melodi ), and you should not be googling mustafa kamal later either. It just shows clearly how unbelievably empty your general knowledge part of the brain is.
Plus by now, you should also know some parts of the Scottish history and no! knowing Gerard Butler is from Paisley,Scotland is NOT part of history.

The only general knowledge in my head as of right now is that khloe kardasian is getting married.and the only piece of argument that has been battling in my mind is whether ellen degeneres will be a good judge on idol. OMG.

God, i need to read. and hopefully,be clever.

umm this may take a while.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Heriot-Watt Uni. Edinburgh

Sudah genap satu minggu di Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt Uni to be exact. A lot has happen since I arrived. Rasa macam dah duduk sini satu bulan. So far, mostly nice warm memories minus the unbelievably cold weather. I mean, I know before I came here that Scotland is the coldest place in the UK but boy, I did not expect it would be this cold and yet my scottish flatmate said that this is warm for yes OMG! takpe2 amira,empat tahun je.. :0

Heriot-Watt Uni as an american would say is "so damn beautiful" or as a malay would say ' bapak gile cantik ah weyh".It was love at first sight for me and I fell in love with this place everyday since.
Tapi, bukan semua best laa..there are downsides of it like homesick but that's just temporary, well at least I hope so.

Classes so far has been ok-ish.Well, it hasn't been memorable to me. The lectures reminds me of my matriculation days. I think it will get better as the term progresses. I have four classes je. Calculus, Algebra, Econs, and Statistical Science.

My flat is really nice too. My room's view is the bomb and my flatmates are really cool... Sebelah my bilik is a Bruneian girl but dh duduk wales for 6 years, friendly sgt2.Dia banyak sama class with me, so kitorg slalu gak hangout. Sebelah bilik dia, is a girl from China. Sangat kelakar.suka menyanyi lagu dlm toilet comel. and another one is a Scot-tish. Dia cm a bit lepak je...kewl die blajar kat edinburgh uni n aritu sleepover our flat :0 haha don't worry I tak culture shock sgt so far, thanks to watching a lot of american tv =P Tambahan pula, my hall ni paling havoc arh...Caddon House! mmg pot org nk lepak2, hisap2 rokok and party! dh diajak dh oleh flat 10 kat atas untuk party sabtu ni...hmmmmm... harap iman ku kuat sepanjang pengembaraanku di sini...takpe flat 7 ada budak muscom, so insyaAllah terhindar drpd gejala2 sosial yg ada, unless shapiq konfiden ikut skali berparti :P haha

wOw, im in scotland! still can't believe. Although these past few months did not turn out like I'd like it to be, I still am really really grateful and really really wish I will not screw up,this time.

I know this sounds cliche and may not happen but I really want to turn over a new leaf,not only for others but for myself but most of it, is for others. I hope. I pray. I will.

~~~~~~~let's wait and see where this leads to.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Now I Can Fly ~~~~

Setelah 20 tahun hidup, 13 tahun belajar, 5 hari di BTN, 4 hari di MOC, 3 jam di Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia, 5 jam di Visa Centre, 6 kali berulang-alik ke Bangunan Medan MARA Jalan Raja Laut, 1 kali ke Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Jalan Duta untuk mematikan setem2 yg @#HW$$%, 1 kali ke MAS Airline Office yang tutup sehingga 14September atas sebab pemindahan lokasi sehinggakan grads kard tidak sempat dipohon (20kg pun 20 kg laaaa), 1 pink kamera, 1 trenchcoat , dan 1 boyish non-heels sneakers, saat yg ditunggu-tunggukan bakal tiba~~~~~

13 Sept 2009 2355 KLIA 0655 AMSTERDAM 13hour

14 Sept 2009 0955AMSTERDAM 1020EDINBURGH 1h25m

ps: tu je...saje je bwat dramatik :P hope everything goes well..inshaAllah

But this is how I'm feeling right now :0 :) :( -.-" :'(

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Funny (maybe not so) encounters

I was on my way back to KLIA from Langkawi the other day. I sat next to this nice English family (I was hoping for a scottish accent but alas..)of five- the blonde father, the brunnete mother, two blonde sons and one brunnete daughter. I sat next to the mother who was really friendly.

When we were half way through our travel, the stewardess gave us peanuts and buah kurma since it was the holy month of Ramadhan. One of the blonde sons was so excited when he got those peanuts and began eating them. The buah kurma given was the rather long ones so when the boy took them and looked through the plastic, he said to his little siblings in a rather excited tone,"Oh, they gave sausages!" And I was trying not to laugh out loud. I sort of covered my small laugh with a cough at the end. haha. Then, the parents corrected the boy saying it was dates. Later on, the boy tasted the kurmas and said,"I don't think I like it that much", and then,he throw it away.

And then today, I went to Pejabat MARA to take the financial statement from En. Khaizan for my visa application. At the lobby, I thought they were having an event but it was the H1N1 campaign where before anyone go up the elevator to all the MARA offices, their hands have to be sanitized. Then, I was stopped by the makcik at the pengawal counter she said sternly," Adik pakai selipar ye? Nak naik ofis tak boleh pakai selipar" . And I was a bit shocked (though it was actually my fault, wearing flipflops a.k.a selipar jamban to Bangunan Mara hehe), then I said, "huh..oh so tak boleh naik langsung ek?". She gave me the 'too bad sucker' look and simply said, "tak boleh".

Being me, well at least being me right now, I am just too tired to curse myself or the lady. Besides, it was bulan puasa (this statement always makes me annoyed because it's as if you can do all the dirty deeds during the other months)Anyways,...where was I? oh right being me, I decided to take out this frustration because not only I just travelled by car alone and got stuck in a jam for about one and a half hour to get there...haih... ok i handled the anger and frustration in stride with a short but sweet shopping spree!!! weeeeee~~~~~

Since the makcik said I cannot go up with selipar, I went to the Pertama complex(by the way Pertama complex is in the lyrics of Meet Uncle Hussain's La La La Kerja lah...pretty kewl..kinda like the Beatles and Abbey Road) next door and went to the nearest shoe shop where I bought a pair of boyish sneakers! yup yup you heard me sneakers! boyish! non-heels shoes!and then I terus pakai...heeee the Chinese girl selling the shoes was really nice..she ikat the shoe lace for me, nicely and i dunno...she just sounds soft spoken and seemed really nice.

haha so thanks to the bitter makcik at the lobby, I got myself a pair of shoes! hoorayyyyy!!!

Trima kaseh makcik!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Beyond stupidity

I've learned rather early in my life that life isn't perfect. You can make mistakes. You can cheat in a 1st grade exam and not just get away with it but also received RM50 from dad for scoring 100% in the test. Your teachers can be mean at you because they think you are such a spoiled little brat when all you did was acting as a 12 year old because you were in fact 12 at that time. Oh and parents can bicker in front of their children. Like I said life, family, and friends, they all ain't perfect. Parents are allowed to call their kids stupid and make them actually really feel stupid and hopeless even if you manage to get all the As in exam. See, an A does not have anything to do with stupidity. You are not stupid. You are only stupid if you are called stupid by someone else. If you can't avoid being called stupid when you are getting consistent As all your life, imagine getting a C now. What's beyond stupidity? I thought I'd never found the answer to that question. But sadly, I did.

Beyond stupidity lies shame and humiliation. (which actually mean the same damn thing but of course you wouldn't know because you are not very smart which owh by the way,also mean that you are stupid..ahhhaaa)

I guess what I'm trying to say is...I don't know what I'm trying to say. ugggghhh I am just so sad right now.

Wow this is by far, the saddest most pathetic post I have ever written but by far the most honest.

ps: I am trying so hard to conjure up any positive thought in my head but failed,miserably.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

.:The Secret Code:.

there was once this girl who said she would never marry for as long as she lived. then, one day, while shopping at a nearby market for apples and herbs, she met the man of her dreams, the Apple man. she swore that he was the most gorgeous man she has ever seen in her entire life. not only that, his politeness and kindness stole her heart in an instance.

the next day, she went to the market again. she looked for him at the fruit section. he was not there. her heart starts racing as she could not find him. she asked the Pear lady next to the apple stall where the Apple man went. the Pear lady answered "the Apple man died last night.there was a fire. his whole house Crumbled in flames." the girl's heart stopped. she could not breathe. she fainted. she woke up the next morning telling everyone in her family that she would never ever let herself fall in love again.

Actually, this stupid story is my way of saying how bored I am right now. But what lies behind this story is actually a dish that I actually baked.

I am currently listening to Taylor Swift's You're Not Sorry and if you buy her album, all of her lyrics are in lower case except few capital letters. These few huruf besar spells out a hidden code a bit more about the songs. I think that's really cool. Love her!

Anyway, by reading the stupid short story, can you find the secret code and guess what sweet dish I'm baking tonight??

I think a five year old can figure this one

note to self: find something better to do.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have 3 cakes request this week yey!! It's been a long time since I baked.

Two Double-layer Chocolate Cheesecake and one White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake
coming right up! :D

Just to share.. this was the baby blue and white cupcakes for my brother's hantaran for his nikah in Kelantan. Sadly, I did not make them.. :( But they are simply gorgeous!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

D-DAY: 10/08/09

*10 August 2009*

Where it can be seen
Hidden in a near tomorrow
Where either or shall prevail
Hidden in either cheer or sorrow

Miles ahead
Beyond those mountains
Are still other peaks
Left for us to conquer
All are not for us to reach

Please dark
Let there be light
Promise to never forget the rain
For each hope could be ignite
Just to feel empty in heartless pain


Saturday, July 25, 2009


I was tired of the old traditional blueberry cheesecake so i decided to try this one.
A New Recipe! I altered a few recipes from the net and make it my own.

Bloody Blueberry Cheesecake

My 1st Jamie Oliver Recipe

A Jamie Oliver Recipe
Chocolate Cookies With Soft Centres
(dlm die ade chocolate n white chocolate filling)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back to Baking

Double-Layer Chocolate Cheesecake :)

Monday, June 29, 2009


Call me a loser or childish or even crazy, but I'm HOOKED on the HOEDOWN THROWDOWN!
It's the signature dance in the Hannah Montana The Movie! I L-O-V-E it!

It's simple. Anyone can do it! Well, if I CAN do it, obviously anyone can do it! Best giler!
Amat senang. Lagi senang daripada tarian piring or zapin or shuffle.

ok, maybe i'm a little too excited but it's fun. Even if you're not a Hannah Montana Fan, i think you'll enjoy it if you give it a go. And i dah berjaya khatam the dance in only half an hour! woohoo!

These are the basic simple steps ...amat mudah dan berkesan.

Pop it, lock it
Polka dot it
Countrify then
Hip-hop it
Put your hawk in the sky
Move side to side
Jump to the left
Stick it, glide

Zig-zag cross the floor
Shuffle in diagonal
When the drum hits
Hands on your hips
One footed
180 twist

and then a,
Zig-zag, step n' slide
Lean it left
clap three times
Shake it out
Head to toe
Throw it all together
That's how we roll

xfaham? tontoni video ini...cuba try test ! best!

Banyak tutorial video yg ada but i personally suke this one coz it's from miley herself and cepat tangkap.

Marilah!Ayuh, buat jangan tak buat! ala, bukannya anda ada benda lain yang boleh dibuat. Daripada tgk movie, makan, tidor, etc. baik buat the HOEDOWN THROWDOWN!

ps: umm, you may hate me but i honestly think Hannah Montana The Movie is better than Transformers 2.. (eventhough i dah tgk transformer 2 kali dah) ~my opinion

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tips For The Broken-hearted

Well, it doesn't take a huge fight with your boyfriend that leads to a horrible breakup for your heart to be broken. What it takes is to give me friends for life who are hard to find and only to be separated from them after merely two years. Yes, my heart has broken.

AWW.... inilah jiwang dalam bahasa omputeh.... ;)

Back at home. all that i feel can be described in Aizat's song:

Sayu terpisah
Hikayat indah kini hanya tinggal sejarah
Berhembus angin rindu
Begitunya menya? terhidu wangian kasih mu ( i xdpt catch ape lirik tu so nyanyi slalu hentam macam ni je)

Hujan lebat mencurah kini
Bagaikan tiada henti
Kau lah laguku
Kau irama terindah
Tak lagi kudengari
Kau Pergi.....iii....iiiii

miss my frens.

What do you do at times like this?

I must move on but before that, i have to shed away the pain... eeeewww jiwang omputeh lg...

I suke google "How to", biasanya i google How to Lose 10kg in a month? (btw, tak pernah berkesan), How to learn Japanese?, How to remove a pimple in 24 hours?, How to write a proposal?( i bwat mase dilantik jadi secretary housetrip dulu2..haha klakar..mlm tu i cuak gile, i gi google..teruk kan...hah skang baru bleh cite tabiat buruk dulu huhu)and banyak lagi yang ngarut yang tak perlu diketahui.

So this is what i found,


1. Be gentle with yourself. I have no idea i have no idea what this means but what I did was I pampered myself. I did my spa-at-home ritual.

1st, the normal nose patch for the evil blackheads.

Then, there was the eye patch for the horrible eye bags.

*gambar tiada kerana terbuang paket tu. that was my last one*

After that, the Light Lightening Peel-Off Mask yang memang obvious tak efektif malah timbul sebiji jerawat lagi

Last but never the least, the typical Nail Buffer

2.You have to learn to say GOODBYE and MOVE ON. dah cakap.tak dek benda ajaib pun berlaku.

3. MUSIC. it helps soothes the soul. My pick would be 'Rindu Terhenti' by Tomok. Yours? Anything but "The World's Greatest" by R. Kelly..our batch song ...sedeh gile kalo dengar balik..

4.WRITING or JOURNALING. Poetry would be nice. and just BLOG about it. like what I'm doing right now.

5.Go out to movies. with someone. don't go out alone!

So far, I haven't had the time to go to the cinema because I'm busy either looking for hantaran baskets or finding the right cute little gowns for the flower girls. Tomorrow, my destination is Jalan TAR! to find kain untuk dijahit for our side punye reception. Besides, I'm broke. Can't afford a movie ticket.So sad. Kene tunggu allowance my brother masuk..heee

Instead, I opt to watch movie yang ade kat dalam laptop.

Movie No.1: A Cinderella Story (owh hotnye Chad Michael Murray) ~dapat lupekan chalet
Movie No2: Another Cinderella Story (owh hotnye Drew Seeley) ~dapat lupekan Sapphire
Movie No.3: Confessions of A Shopaholic (owh hotnye Hugh Dancy) ~dapat lupekan KYUEM
Movie No. 4: BANGSAWAN 2009 (owh hotnye Sapphire!) owh no... ingat balik masa2 indah di chalet, Sapphire, KYUEM and all my frens... :(

ISH... benci laptop movies....tak membantu langsung...hmmmphhh...tomorow nak pergi tengok movie yang betul2laa...

Verdict: My heart has not healed, yet. :( HELP!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


ewww... "Berkebun is so not me"... ini merupakan luahan seorang gadis bandar yang gedik tidak mahu menjejakkan kaki berkasut baru ke kebun milik keluarganya.

CHOP! sebelum anda mengutuk dan maki hamun gadis bandar yang gedik ini, baca dulu kisahnya sepenuhnya.

Sebab-sebab mengapa gadis bandar gedik tidak suka berkebun:

1. Ada banyak tahi lembu yang fresh. titik. tak perlu elaborate.

2. Kasut 'tomok' yang baru dibelinya terpaksa meredah segala rumput, lalang dan tahi lembu (rujuk no. 1)

3. Banyak kerengga. bukan yang yang besar 2 juicy2..sengatnya pun tak terdaya untuk ku describekan di sini.

4. point ini panjang skit.

Saya pulang ke rumah setelah hampir sebulan di kolej. Jadi, banyak perkara yang misteri di rumah.

Misteri pertama: Misteri Mikrowave Baru

Mak beli microwave baru yang lebih kecil saiznya tapi lebih cepat memanaskan bahan makanan. Takdelah misteri, cuma saya jakun sebab sudah biasa guna yang lama yang mmg sudah buruk n slow giler.

Misteri kedua: Misteri Hilang Baju

Saya ingin mencari baju yang saya tinggalkan di rumah. Tapi, bagaikan semuanya sudah tiada. Bagaikan dalam Hikayat Halim Deman yang mencuri kain layang puteri itu. Tapi, kisah saya tiada putera dan saya bukan puteri....sedih. Tak mahu saya beritahu mak. Nanti, dia akan cakap saya yang tak cari betul2. n selalunya, dia mmg betul. So, saya biarkan sahaja.

ok. flash forward keesokan hari.

Kami ke kebun di kampung saya di Port Dickson. Ini mmg rutin mingguan ibu dan adik sejak belakangan ini. (mulanya,saya agak pelik. both of them don't seem like the 'kebun' type tapi mungkin sebab mereka suka sangat makan durian. Jadi, dapat merasai buah durian hasil kebunan sendiri mesti lebih sedap rasanya). Selepas mendaki kebun itu ( kebun itu bukan tanah yang landai ye..mmg berbukit bukau (nasib baik saya tak pakai heels)), 'Misteri Hilang Baju' telah terjawab. Lihatlah.

Semua baju ( a.k.a 'Kain Buruk' menurut mak) yang menyaluti buah durian untuk menghindarkan segala haiwan perosak dari memakannya adalah baju saya! Baju saya! Hati saya pasrah melihat setiap baju yang pernah dipakai saya dahulu.

Jadi, persoalan di sini adalah....adakah saya kejam jika saya menghina perbuatan mengebun?? adakah saya gedik jika benci berkebun? huh? Jika saya (baju saya) dianiayai sedemikian rupa? kejamkah saya? isk...isk..*sob...sob*

Haih...mengeluh... tidak mengapa. Hati yang terluka ini diubati oleh satu-satunya ubat yang mujarab yang efektif dalam mengubati luka yang terpendam.


Sepulangan dari Port Dickson, petang itu, saya terpaksa membawa adik ke Bangunan Abdul Samad untuk menangkap gambar dia dengan background bangunan bersejarah itu. Menurutnya, ini untuk projek folio sejarah PMR. note to adik tersayang: havent you heard of photoshop??? or even wikipedia??? haih...

tidak mengapa. sebagai kakak yang bertanggungjawab dan comel(tibe..), saya melakukan apa sahaja demi adik saya yang terchenta.... tambahan, dia belanja saya minum iced caramel machiato.. so lagi lah saya rasa bertanggungjawab sebagai kakak...heeee

Selepas bangunan abdul samad, saya yang pertama kali drive around KL tanpa adult supervision, memberanikan diri untuk drive ke Bangsar Village untuk mencari accessories for external dinner. yey dapat clutch satu! dan so far, saya dah beli 2 baju baru untuk mengganti baju yang telah menjadi penyalut buah durian di kebun. n more to come! yahooo....

Pantun buat hari ini:

Akibat berkebun baju jahanam
Berjalan ber-Shopping bagaikan terapi
Penyembuh luka hati yang terpendam
Sekarang saya sssssangat HAPPY!

Kesimpulannya, gadis bandar ini memang gedik dan wajar dikutuk dan dimaki hamun seiring dengan arus kemodenan agar dapat menjadi masyarakat yang cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Situasi biasa.
Saya baru pulang dari menjemput ayah dari LCCT. biasa sahajalah, dah memang rutin mingguan ayah. Hari khamis petang ke Subang dan Sabtu pagi pulang ke Langkawi. Setiap minggu sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu.

Situasi Geram.
Perut agak lapar. Selepas tol USJ, ada satu trafic light sebelum junction nak masuk ke jalan kecik-kecik untuk ke rumah saya. Di trafic light, queue kenderaan sangat panjang. Tidak mengapa. Sabar.Sabar(sabar 1/2 daripada iman. jadi jika sabar.sabar. 2x1/2 jadi 1..penuhlah iman saya...urrmmm ok lawak lame saya tuk hari ni). Selepas green light dicahayakan oleh OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode...amik ko, ni baru application of chemistry namanya), saya pun dah tukar gear dan turunkan handbreak untuk bergerak but alas,alack...lori tong sampah berwarna oren depan saya tidak bergerak langsung. Tidak mengapa. Sabar. Sejurus selepas itu, saya perasan beberapa kereta di lane kanan mula ingin mencelah ke lane saya. Sebagai pemandu berlesen 'P' yang berhemah tinggi a.k.a pemandu 'P'enakut sebab dah banyak kali aksiden yang tidak mahu cari pasal dengan pemandu lain, saya pun berilah laluan kepada kenderaan2 tersebut.

Situasi Aneh.
Pelik. Lampu sudah hijau. Tapi kenderaan lane kanan tidak boleh bergerak, sehingga terpaksa mengikut lane saya. Saya teruskan perjalanan sedikit ke hadapan. Kelihatan ada sebuah kereta statik di tepi tiang trafik light ber OLED itu. Dalam hati, "owh, ni mesti kes kereta rosak".
Eh, tapi aneh. Tiada orang pun keluar dari kereta itu.

Situasi Kelakar.
Apabila saya pass by the car, " eyh pak cik kat dalam tu tak nak cek ke kereta di rosak kat mane? duduk je kat driver seat buat ape?" apabila saya mengamati dengan lebih khusyuk...
YA ALLAH... pakcik itu tak bergerak langsung dalam kereta itu. Apa masalah pakcik itu?
Saya berkata," kene heart attack ke pakcik tu?"...saya tidak sempat menemui jawapan kepada persoalan itu kerana ada beberapa kereta di belakang saya dan memandangkan saya ini pemandu berlesen "P"enakut bila kena hon, saya pun teruskan perjalanan. Sesaat kemudian,saya perasaan kereta pakcik tadi yang disangka saya diserang heart attack ada di tepi kereta saya... hahahahaha rupanya pakcik itu sempat lagi tertidur tatkala menunggu lampu isyarat berOLED itu bertukar hijau. Kesian pakcik itu, mungkin baru balik daripada ofis dan banyak kerja yang dilakukannya hari ini dan lagi penat memikirkan kerja keesokan harinya. Kesian pakcik itu. Saya ni. DAH LAH tiada exam. tiada kerja. tiada tanggungan. Tiada apa yang perlu dirisaukan melainkan menunggu result yang bakal mengubah hidup saya serta-merta.

Situasi Harapan.
Saya berharap. berdoa. bertawakal. itu sahaja yang mampu saya lakukan buat masa ini... Ya Allah....hanya Kau yang mampu....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Misteri Tudung Hitam

Semalam, sehari sebelum saya menjalani peperiksaan terakhir keesokan harinya, saya telah ke surau untuk solat maghrib. Sebelum mengambil wudhu', saya bukalah tudung dan meletakkannya di tempat biasa~palang tangga surau. Lepas selesai, saya pun naik ke bahagian atas surau untuk melakukan ibadah wajib. Selepas selesai solat, saya pun baca Yassin bersama seorang rakan.

Selepas itu, saya ingin berangkat pulang, jadi saya pun nak capai sahajalah tudung hitam saya itu, tetapi ... hati berbisik, "eyh, ni bukan tudung i ni.. mana tudung i?" Saya pun mencari di merata-rata tempat...di tempat pengumpulan telekung, di rak-rak dan juga di bahagian juniors sekali. Walaubagaimanapun, usaha saya sia-sia. Kelibat tudung hitam itu tiada kelihatan. Saya turun balik ke tempat mengambil wudhu' untuk menge'cek' sama ada saya tertinggal tudung itu di palang tangga tadi tetapi tiada apa2 yang tergantung di situ.

Aneh... mana mungkin sehelai tudung hitam yang langsung tak liplap dicuri di surau? ironi.... ahh...Husnuzon, husnuzon...mungkin ada yang tertukar kut tudung saya itu dengan tudungnya..iyelah tudung sama hitam, hati siapa tahu...tibe..

Owh, bagaimana saya pulang tanpa tudung? hah saya free hair je lah malam tuh... malam gelap kut, tiada siapa yang nampak.. huhu

gile ke? Mana mungkin saya buat begitu?! haih...farah hazwani yang berada di tempat kejadian berkata ada sehelai tudung yang memang hak milik kekal surau yang boleh digunakan. Saya pun guna.

Sepulangan ke bilik, saya buka tudung.. tiba-tiba, saya rasa leher saya gatal-gatal amat sangat dan ada juga rasa kesengatan. Apabila saya mengamati dengan lebih serius, rupanya ada segerombolan ekor semut yang mengelilingi leher ku... bukan calang-calang semut tau, semut api yang kecik-kecik. Bukan main kecik, tapi sengatnya memang berbisa. Tambahan pula, bukan sebijik semut yang gigit, satu pasukan menggigit ku...

Sehingga kini, saya masih tidak tahu ke mana hilangnya tudung hitam kesayangan saya itu... Kepada sesiapa yang rasa dia terambil, pulangkan lah kepada saya, biar hal ini terlerai secara damai...murah jer tudung tu... rm10 dari PKSN shah alam.

Ah...malangnya hidupku semalam.


sekarang tidak lagi. Simple je.


kalau dulu, tak tau nak study mechanics dulu, ke stats or chem ke.. tapi sekarang.....

Tak tahu la.... should I update blog dulu ke, atau tengok movie ke or tido dulu..ish tension nyer :P

Current mood: "tomoking" :)

Monday, June 8, 2009


Draped the colours of black, purple and grey
Beneath behold blue, pink and yellow which say
Mysterious but more mischievous
The words, the act of the malicious

Pretend or true to the feelings
or a mistaken signal
never known to heart
Left clueless when hearts break apart

There was only one heart
What was thought to be
indeed not never really

We ought to
but not, it will be odd
For two to be one
strangely,could not

Time has passed
Colours have changed
From white to red
to black then green

Green is here
will bring out darker
shades of sour
as the heart devoured
I am green, i admit
I must not,she is a friend
I am green, as i live
Try to forget, if I can

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Top Ten Things To Do Before I die

*the title is actually misleading.... but it just gave a more dramatic effect as a title.. that's what it is, just another title like so many others in here and out there...
I've been very good lately...I havent updated this blog in almost a month..BRAVO amira!

But today is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday and the day after tomorrow is Saturday and the next next Saturday is Award's Day which means I am going to leave this college...

A part of me can't wait to get this over and done with...I need a change in life.I need beginnings.I hate ends. And change is always for the better,always.period.

However, this place is something alright. It gave me more than I could ever imagined. But uggghh this is not a sad soppy post I want to write about goodbyes, atleast not yet. I still have three more weeks. I want to cherish the last moments of life here in this college. And there are still things I want to do here.

Before I go, I must finish this list of thing to do...think of this like a wish list like in the movie A Walk to Remember where that ailing girl had a 100 top ten things to do before she dies. It's like that but just without the cancer, the hot guy and it's not 100, it's just ten. :)

Top Ten Things I Want To Do Before I Leave KYUEM

1. mandi sprinkler kat padang(ok, standard ar nih, in fact i bet a lotta people already done it, but i havent, and it is MY list)

2. Ikut ami pergi new block bagi makan kucing2 tuh... i slalu tgk dari jauh and think to myself...wo... by the way i geli kucing so, it will be a challenge.

3. Pergi naik atas tangki kyuem tapi tak nak jatuh la cam alissa..tibe..

4. Star-gazing (more like dark-sky-gazing) at the field at night until muscom halau us...heeee

5. ....tak tau lah....tak sampai ten pun...saje je letak ten pun sebab top ten sounds better than top ten macam aliterasi .. pengulangan konsonan dalam ayat..jadi lebih sedap didengari

i thought i had a lot more to do in kyuem, i thought my list will be so long until i cannot bear to leave in three weeks time...but my list to do at home is way longer... baking, shopping, movie-ing, tomoking and soooo much more.... cant wait! So to be honest, i can't bear and can't wait to leave kyuem... sure i 'll miss everyone so so much but i am ready for a change....

Pauline R. Kezer once said " Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights. "

So, Let's GO and get outta here!!

owh wait...i still have three more papers to go...yikes!

Monday, May 11, 2009

titik noktah . . . . . . . . .

ini titik noktah kita
sukarkah untuk
engkau fahamkannya
ini titik noktah cinta
sakitkah hati kau
kisah kita mati juga

sudah lama jantungku
berhenti berdegup
telah kuhilangkan mukamu
di benak fikiranku
sampai mata hati
tiada mengenali
hingga deria tiada merasa
tak mampu kasih berkuasa...

tak larat menanti
sudah penat berkasih
tiba masa kukemudi
kapal ku sendiri
kini kuberdiri
di atas kaki
tanpa tanganmu di sisi

titik noktah cinta
tak bermakna ku mengalah
titik noktah kita
detik ku berjaya
melepaskan kau
yang kusut tiada berarah
dan aku bebas
hanya berserah

selamat tinggal
lara hati
sayu kasih
selamat datang
rona ceria
owh bahagianya...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Look Inside Your Lover's Eyes

I look inside your lover's eyes
and wonder what she has for you
I look inside your lover's eyes
and wonder if she really wants you

You, don't understand the meaning of
You, don't know what to do
You, have no idea how to choose
Why oh why, can't you see?
I can be the better girl
I'm here to rock your world

One day, I look inside your lover's eyes
I see nothing but a long-haired chick with a tweezer
She couldn't look like more of a loser
She looked damn great but she seemed fake
So, when I look inside your lover's eyes
Can't see what you like about her
Can't see what makes her tougher

Owh when i look inside your lover's eyes
I see nothing but I'm mystified
I hate the feeling of knowing that I'm better than her
Yet you pick her
Yeah you pick her
Can't believe I don't even stand a chance
Because you pick her

I look inside your lover's eyes
Then I look into your eyes
That's when I realise
Something I
didn't before
You're nothing but a no good two timing guy
who only cares about his hair
Owh no wonder when I look inside your lover's eyes
no wonder when I look inside your lover's eyes
I see you.......

current mood: nak balik!!! can't wait for tomorrow... :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

mawar dan cendawan

sebalik cendawan beracun
mawar merah tersembunyi

di kala mekar

penangan tiada diduga

di kala layu

dicaci maki hamun
kata orang

lemah tatkala tiada berlidah

kata orang
melampau tatkala bertegah

jika bersimpuh
digelar mawar bertopeng
jika bersila
digelar mawar berduri

mahu apa dari mawar?
harum kuntum tapi tawar
perlu senyum bila sedih

perlu tabah dan mengalah

ingin mawar mencari setawar
indah lagi nun jauh di sana
hilang malapetaka jauh bencana
namun mengapa mawar kembali
tahu tiada harapan di sini

oh hentikanlah cendawan beracun

masa makin suntuk
mawar makin buntu
masa sudah setuju
mawar sudah layu

mood: poetic n pathetic la plak...

Monday, April 20, 2009


warning: may or may not contain grammatical errors..i didn't bother to check.


it feels like
a thousand three hundred and seventy two miles
away from you
it is going to be
another seventy seven years sixty days and five hours
till i get to see you
which all equals to the null possibility
of touching your hand
and watching you upfront
unbearably crazy of wanting
to witness a glimpse
of you

let alone hear you
never will i
as it's undeniably impossible
so i say
why go through the trouble?
let it be just afar
i'll seat here
from far
as i've got you on my radar

mood: ntahla~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

dulu music, now muzik...

I find that in the 19 years and 349 days that i've lived in this world, i've always remembered my life by referring to certain phases or 'seasons' i'm going through... for example, around this time last year, i was so tergilakan david cook....owh 'always be my baby' is just super hot and sweet at the same time...and i remember one week in november last year during the AS exams, i was so obsessed with Shah Rukh

and now, I'm so into malaysian music! all started after watching tomok's 'Lalala Kerjalah' performance on oiam3..that got me interested in the song and the band that originally produced that song and ofcourse tomok..hehe.... and sooner than you know it, i fell in love with meet uncle hussein, bunkface, yuna, hujan, aizat, stacy and surprise surprise i can even sing to the lyrics of datuk siti's 'di taman teman'..haha...funny how cepat you like something and cepat you dont like something... these to me are like know, like how fast you like someone and the next four months or the next day, you dont feel anything about him... :p.. anyways, back to the topic...

so these phase in my life is what i call my 'appreciation towards great malaysian music' season... it may be over next week, or month or even tomorrow, i'll never know... but until this season is over, i'm going to continue to enjoy the songs and the lyrics of such great talents...

and for the time being, this song is stuck in my head, not just because of the catchy soothing music but also the ever so sweet and meaningful lyrics..

Deeper Conversation by Yuna

is your favourite colour blue?
do you always tell the truth?
do you believe in outer space?
and i'm learning you...

Is your skin as tanned as mine?
does your hair flow side-ways?
did someone take a portion of your heart?
and I'm learning you

I've let my guard down for you
And in time you will too

And if you don't mind
Can you tell me all your hopes and fears
And everything that you believe in
would you make a difference in the world
I'd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
only you can make me...

deeper conversation
with me.....

does your name rhyme with mine?

mood: emo~ currently listening to faizal tahir's Bencinta too....emo giler...but *heart* it...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lagu Tema Peperiksaan Percubaan

Saya sudah bertekad untuk berpuasa blogging sepanjang trials tapi hari ini, sehari sebelum paper applied further, saya batal puasa....

i need to write this to keep may not be my fave song but it's the song i need to listen to...

Lagu tema peperiksaan percubaan Further Mathematics Applied

The Climb

by Miley Cyrus

I can almost see it
(result further maths)

That dream I'm dreaming but
(fly ke UK)

There's a voice inside my head sayin,
You'll never reach it,
(further hampeh camne nak fly huh?)

Every step I'm taking,
(buat past year papers, tak tahu camne nak jawab)

Every move I make feels
(tgk skema jawapan)

Lost with no direction
(masih tak boleh faham)

My faith is shaking but I
(mmg cuak gile, camne nak jawab esok)

Got to keep trying
Got to keep my head held high
(saya mampu!)

There's always going to be another mountain
(lepas trials, real exam plak)

I'm always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,
(saya vs. further mechanics)

Sometimes I'm gonna to have to lose,
(trials lingkup, a level buat betul2)

Ain't about how fast I get there,
(walaupun lembab skit nak tangkap ape pn. ju ajar)

Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
(tak kisah keputusan yang bakal diperoleh)

It's the climb
(perjalanan dan perjuangan itu yang penting)

Keep on moving
Keep climbing
Keep the faith baby
It's all about
It's all about
The climb
Keep the faith
Keep your faith

Whoa a oh oh

note to self: pergi jumpa yana farz dan ili dayana malam ini utk serap sebanyak ilmu yg mungkin sebelum doomsday esok.... :(

Thursday, March 19, 2009

of mucus and tissues

Sains tingkatan 2

Topik: Dunia melalui Deria Kita

Deria bau

Organ: Hidung

Struktur hidung: bla bla bla

Mukus dalam hidung

Fungsi mukus: adalah untuk membantu menghindarkan habuk atau debu-debu memasuki terus ke dalam hidung kita.

Tapi bagaimana jika mukus pula yang berlebihan?? apabila mukus bertukar menjadi hingus...?

Membantu kah....????? dah berkotak2 tisu dihabiskan.... Bencinye!!!!!!!!

uggghhh post paling tak berfaedah saya....

current mood: berlendir

ps: usaha ke arah brownies 4 mama foord belum start lagi.. macam mana ni??

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bila sorang bertunang, semua bertunang...

last minute update on my journey to engagement.... my checklist..

1. cupcakes :)
2. dulangs + kain lapik dulangs
3. bunga fresh yg sedang mendapat layanan VVIP ~separuh berada di dalm fridge dan separuh lagi berada di dalam bilik ber air kondition..
4. songkok the boys..mmg slalu lupe
5. cecair kanta lensa
6. sepek
7. bekalan makanan untuk perjalanan 7 jam ke kelantan..(sebut machang kang...hish isu sensitif buat masa ini *tibe emo)
8. baju
9. make-up
10. sirih junjung n lain2 yg i dh konfius nama2 nye..

everyone seemed to be in rush mode today except for baam, the fiance to be... he was cool calm n collected as he is all the time..

rasa macam semua orang yg nak bertunang..

bapak n adik did the packing n logistics..
we went shopping today for adik's baju n mum's make-up...

errr...siapa yang bertunang sebenarnya???? haha

saya dan mak mengambil masa lebih satu jam di gerai saluran itu... mencuba setiap warna liptik dari red fire kepada pink rogue hydra pe bende tah, dan setiap loose, compact powder yang ade dan juga blusher yg pelbagai dari tweed choral kepada tweed plum... sehingga muka mak dah macam clown... sehinggalah kami mejumpai liptik, compact powder dan blusher yg diminati...

amoi yg sedang memake-up mak itu sempat lagi bertanya:

u mau share dengan your mother ka?

kami mengangguk la...

amoi: owh buley buley...tapi kalo u (berpaling kepada saya) mau pakai, beli sendiri lagi bagus... coz ur mother is fairer...

dalam hati: tau la nak promote n persuade produk kepada org tapi takyah ar nak selitkan unsur coloursism...sensitif tau...

petang tadi, saya dan adik bertungkus lumus mencari rumah aunty yg kami order kapkeks itu... stuck kat traffic jam... adoyai... perjalanan dari ss19 ke usj4 dengan kereta yg sepatutnye mengambil masa yang same dengan perjalanan dari chalet saya ke dining hall dengan dua kaki telah mengmbil masa terlalu lama bagaikan menaiki teksi dari kolej ke tg.malim... haih... tidak mengapa... semua berbaloi dengan adanye kapkeks ini...

sejuk mata memandang...suke nye kapkeks bericing fondant itu... perisanya adalah choc moist with vanilla buttercream icing...ummmm yummy...

and finally we finished decorating the last hantaran which is the chocolates....

in the end, tema warna pertunangan berubah daripada black and white kepada black, white and red kepada apa2 sahaja lah... baru bertunang je kut... nanti untuk nikah kita buat lagi grand gitu... huhu..

current mood: belum mandi :P

takpelah besok pagi kene bangun kul 5 bley mandi then...akan bertolak ke M pada jam 6.30am... hurmmm wish me luck u guys... macam i plak nak bertunang... teringin plak.. hah...da mule dah...

note to self: tempoh istikharah sudah tamat...saya sudah ketemui jawapannya... :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why are babies so cute????


statement di atas memang menunjukkan saya seorang manusia yang kejam dan wajar dikenakan hukuman sebatan 100 kali.

Walaubagaimanapun, saya akan menjustifikasikan kenyataan saya...

jam 3.00 ptg~ saya sudah bersedia dengan notes mechanics di depan kanta lensa saya... buku Mr. Dant di tepi bagi membuat latihan2...

jam 3.15 ptg~haaaaa.....ngantuknye....

jam 3.30 ptg~saya membuat rakan2, kopi pada jam 3 ptg... mengalahkan ratu kopi negara, chaletm8 shahidah deen...

jam 3.45 ptg~mula nak study semula

jam 3.46 ptg~aduhai ngantuknye.....

jam 4 ptg~ mak: mira, gi beli kuih jap...

saya: ala...mak jap eyh mira ngah stadi nih...
dalam hati: yey yey...tak yah stadi... bleh kuar ronda-rondi jap...

Sebagai seorg anak yang solehah, saya pun pergi membeli keropok lekor 2 ringgit dan karipap 4 bijik...

Pulang ke rumah...Selepas makan dan bersantai bersama adik dan mak,
Saya sambung stadi dengan minda yang fresh.... daripada kul 5.30.... Momentum study saya amatlah mantap pada masa itu, ... soalan demi soalan sedang dibuat dengan penuh keseriusan... tiba-tiba....

tet~tet~ bunyi loceng rumah berbunyi... tet~ tet~ owh rupanya Mak Chak datang bersama Abg Syuk, Kak Jariah dan the baby, the enemy~ Qistina....

Abg Syuk merupakan Willy Wonka family kami... beliau membuat pelbagai jenis cokelat untuk dijual... memang businessnya semakin laris... jadi, bagi pertunangan abang saya, beliau menyesponsorkan beberapa jenis cokelat untuk dijadikan hantaran... ini dia cokelats nya...sebelum bakul hantaran dihias...

dan this is my favourite of all his magnificent chocolate creations... he calls it the LOLLY-CHOC...simply cute and delicious..

But, my main concern at that point is of another creation, a cute creation from God.. uggh... menyampah tgk muke budak ini... belum cukup setahun, dah pandai kenyit2 mata senyum2 dengan kepala senget bajet cute kat orang... I was supposed to study... i was at my optimum study level...

but, How can i resist?? how can i resist this energetic baby who just wants to merangkak all over the house...naik tangga turun tangga... ??? How can i resist a baby who would come to you and cubit2 ur pipi while smiling at you?? owh so cute...

Payah nak mengejar die... qistina sangatlah laju sebab itu semua gambar yg diambil blur2 belaka... aksi2 menangkap qistina menaiki tangga

urmmmm which one is the baby here????

owh senang je nak tahu~ the real baby is the cute one... and the not so baby is the one yang bajet cute... hehe

Haih...all in the days work... in the end, not much studying was done.... all because of this one 'thing' called Qistina...okay so i may not hate babies... as a matter of fact, i love them so much that i hate myself for not being able to resist them....

So i ask you... why are babies so cute?? why oh why....

note to self: machang in 2 days...
haha baru sedar da engagement is on sunday,not saturday as digembar-gemburkan... everything seems on track... so hopefully semua akan berjalan dengan lancar di Machang... (haha teringat dulu, i mati2 ingat machang kat terengganu... pastu dah gaduh2 ngan abang n adik pasal nih, baru sedar itu Marang... not machang...hihi).....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3 more days to go... haih...

Kalau anda berkesempatan datang dan melihat rumah saya pada hari ini, macam tongkang pecah... note that saya tulis 'rumah' bukan 'bilik' (bilik saya mmg tak dapat buat apa-apa lah) ...

Memandangkan saya lah seorang sahaja puteri Gusti dalam keluarga yang sudah nak separuh gila membuat preparation majlis pertunangan abang saya, kepenatan amatlah terserlah, tetapi keseronokan juga terpampang di muka saya tatkala menyiapkan hantaran-hantaran.

The first engagement in the family la katakan ~ masing2 excited, masing2 nervous, masing2 tak tahu apa yg hendak dibuat....aunti-aunti di kampung dah mula berbusybody....

"hantaran dah siap ke yah(mak saya) oi?"
tanya seorang aunty saya yang digelar CNN antara kami saudara-mara kerana segala berita baru,gossip sensasi keluarga kami semuanya dia tahu...

Tidak mengapa, kami sekeluarga induk (buat-buat) tahu apa yang kami lakukan...hehe

Setelah berdiskusi, bergaduh dan berbaik semula, director a.k.a mak dan co-director a.k.a saya telah menemui kata sepakat~ warna tema pada hantaran pertunangan ialah black and white...

Kami ke pusat perkahwinan yang terletak di Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman di tengah-tengah bandaraya Kuala Lumpur pada hari yang sama perarakan menentang PPSMI ke istana dijalankan.

uggghhh....pada saat yang crucial dan tertekan sekarang, hanya pertunangan abang saya berada dalam benak fikiran saya..isu-isu lain tolak tepi ... kami pun meredah seluruh ibu kota mencari bahan2 yang diperlukan walaupun sesak dengan manusia dengan banners.....

uggghhhh...hampeh...setelah ke hulu ke hilir mencari bunga berwarna hitam untuk dipadankan dengan bakul-bakul silver yang dibeli bersama bunga berwarna putih, kelibat bunga hiasan berwarna hitam tiada kelihatan... merah ada, hijau ada dan biru? merata-merata... tak tahu kenapa...mungkin sekarang tgh musim warna biru bagi bakal2 pengantin...haih...

Konklusi hari ini: Majalah pengantin BOHONG...tunjuk lawa-lawa, promote kedai tu kedai nih, semua tak dek stok... haih...

Tidak mengapa, kami berdiskusi lagi secara damai kali ini dan telah come out with a new theme~ black, white and red....

red bukan chili red... more of blood red, merah kemaroonan la...
Jadi, kami pun membeli bunga-bunga maroon juga,,,

Sampai di rumah, kami memulakan kegiatan menggubah dan menghias hantaran...

Berbekalkan ilmu pendidikan seni visual sehingga tingkatan 3 dan 5 Majalah Pengantin di depan mata (walaupun, majalah itu bohong ..idea2 di dalamnya sangat kreatif), kami pun memerah otak untuk meghasilkan hantaran2 yang bakal berangkat ke Machang dalam masa 3 hari lagi... huwaaa...

Mampukah kami menyiapkan hantaran2 ini? hanya masa yang dapat menentukan...

But this is the outcome of our effort so far... work still in progress....

berselerak sungguh ruang santai kami...

ini dia hantaran berisi buah-buahan... buah2 itu untuk testing sahaja..semua sudah ditelan adik..

I fell in love with this glassy butterfly...

Banyak bunga yang berlebihan... mungkin boleh simpan for future use.. menurut mak, lepas ini, dia bajet dalam keluarga kami akan ada perkahwinan setiap dua tahun... hahaha macam ada 30 anak je boleh plak macam tuh...

Antara riben-riben yang dibuat dengan mengcopy sebijik dalam Majalah Pengantin

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gempita Mimpi Saya

continued... from the post He's just not that into me...

" Kalau nak buat solat Istikharah, kalau main2 mana boleh", kata seorang yang agak arif hal-hal keagamaan ini.

dalam hati saya: Mana ade saya main-main... saya tulus ikhlas melakukan solat ini...saya tidak mahu benda ini menggangu benak fikiran saya yang kusut ini..

Gempita Mimpi Malam 1...(nak sebut malam pertama lagi sedap...tapi nanti ada yang salah interpretasikan pula)

Selepas solat Istikharah pada jam 2.45 pagi, saya pun tidur...


jam 6.45...Subuh...

jam 6.55...Tidur lepas Subuh hehe

jam 7.15...terjage....

hmmmm kelip kelip mata....kerut kerut dahi...

hmmm ape yg berlaku??? hmmmm saya ingat ada beberapa muka muncul dlm mimpi saya...tapi satu nama pun tidak muncul dlm noodle brain saya ni....
fikir punye fikir...mmg x ingat... haih...
ape yg tak kene???

Saya berkesempatan jumpa anis chaletm8 saya di runway chalet,ceritalah kisah mimpi saya kepada anis...*jemma chaletm3 saya yang lagi satu,yang lagi naughty(hehe) pun ada di tempat kejadian mentertawakan saya "haha banban buat solat Istikharah..* jahatlah jemma..ntah2 jemma pun pernah buat untuk M...hahahahahahaha

ok...smbung cerita....

anis berkata," tak semestinya akan mimpi...mungkin dpt petanda dengan cara lain.... kadang-kadang dapat gerak hati..."

instinct???tak rasa apa2 pun...

cara lain??....ape cara lain?
mungkin kah petunjuk itu berbentuk heart-shaped cupcakes yang suddenly appear out of thin air ataupun belon yang akan turun dr langit masuk ke dalam tingkap bilik saya with a note dengan nama orang itu ...tak mungkin...khurafat namenye tuh.

tak pelah...boleh cube lagi...

Gempita Mimpi Kedua

Tak sempat solat sunat istikharah malam itu...tapi saya tidur awal....jam 11 malam sudah terlelap...


jam 6 pagi... saya INGAT!!!! satu muke, satu nama betul2 fresh dlm minda saya... OMG!!! TIDAK MUNGKIN!!!! tidak sangka dia... haha sungguh out of the blue... siapa yang saya mimpi?? hah mana mungkin saya beritahu...hahahaha... tetapi saya bukanla percaya sangat mimpi saya itu...mungkin salah satu memori saya mengacau ingatan saya semasa tidur....

Gempita Mimpi Ketiga

saya tidur di common room chalet sahabat saya beramai2...saya free blok 44,6,55...hehe joli moli la saya......tambahan pula, esok balik rumah bercuti 2 minggu stengah... :) relax jer saya tido malam itu without any worries ...saya pun mimpi.......

saya tak ingat bagaimana ataupun kenapa... tapi saya hanya ingat saya duduk atas kerusi..di hadapan saya, kelihatan meja berwarna kelabu (mimpi saya black and white kali ini)...lepas itu, atas meja...ada satu pinggan berisi maggi goreng mamak... saya baru nak sesuap maggi tuh... saya terjaga tatkala liyana Qisos kejut Subuh pagi itu...saya pun terjaga...

Saya pun kurang pasti...apa maksud mimpi saya kali ini pula?? saya pun tak tahu lah... malas nak buat teori lagi...

tapi, saya pernah terbaca dalam suatu article ...rasenye one of those reading passages hadiah khas dari hati ikhlas Mama Foord.. bahawa mimpi kita mempunyai connection dengan hidup kita, sama ada berkaitan dengan our daily life ataupun past life ataupun masa akan datang...

jadi, saya merenungkan~ daily life: takdek la plak saya makan maggi malam tuh....

past-life: saya mmgla pernah makan maggi sepanjang 19 tahun hidup dlm dunia ini, tapi takdek lah suka sgt maggi goreng ....

Therefore, maybe just maybe mimpi kali ini berkaitan dengan apa yang bakal berlaku dlm hidup saya.....Apa yang signifikan sangat sepinggan maggi goreng mamak dalam kehidupan saya nanti? Mentol dalam kepala saya bernyala ...*ting*... apa kata jika saya masak maggi goreng mamak malam ini? dan tengok apa yang saya mimpi malam ini... hahaha good idea....

di dapur.............

ketika saya memotongkan bawang dan mendefrostkan udang yang dah seminggu menyejuk dalam freezer..(kesian mereka)...mak saya sedang menjerang air (yeke menjerang air?? tak ingat perkataan yg sinonim dengan mendidih) ...suddenly.............

Saya: MAK! MAK! MAK! (suara saya menjerit sekuat hati)

Mak: Ape die? (dengan nada terkejut cam nak kene heart attack)

saya tunjuk ke arah periuk air yang sedang menyeksakan air tadi... ada tisu di sebelah periuk itu... dah terbakar tisu....pada saya, tinggi juga kebakaran itu, api naik sehingga tinggi satu high heel saya...pada saya yg sudah lama tak ke dapur,agak serius perkara yang berlaku di depan mata saya...

Respon mak saya? hah dengan selambenye... die amik tisu itu dengan tangan dan masuk dalam sink dan basahkan sambil berkata...

"La ni je ke?? aku ingat nampak hantu tadi... aish...boleh kene heart attack duk ngan kamu kat dapur ni... ...."mak berkata...

"Hahahahahahahha..." tetibe kedua-dua kami ketawa terbahak-bahak...

haih..macam ini lah selalunya saya di dapur..tidak pernah terlepas daripada perkara-perkara pelik lg aneh yang berlaku... saya rasa bodoh pula bila berada di the same time mengkagumi sifat keselambaan mak yg sudah bisa tegal biasa di dapur..

Nasib baik.... kali ini masak, saya terselamat dari bahana minyak yang menggelegak...So,

ini dia maggi goreng mamak yang mampu saya buat... mak suruh saya buat sekali untuk adik saya..sibuk jer... dia mesti banyak mengomen...

siap ade smiley face tau :)
*kedua-dua timun dan urmm the other green thing dibuang dengan cepat oleh adik sambil menbuat muka 'eeeewwww' sebelum menjamah mee itu..

dalam hati: tak sabar nak tunggu mimpi saya malam ini... :)