Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let's Read.

Let's read.

When a person ask you what do you think of Mustafa Kemal and his principles, you should know well enough that it is not Mustafa Kamal pelakon Malaysia yg anaknya Ayuna meninggal dunia (which you found out 2 years ago from Melodi ), and you should not be googling mustafa kamal later either. It just shows clearly how unbelievably empty your general knowledge part of the brain is.
Plus by now, you should also know some parts of the Scottish history and no! knowing Gerard Butler is from Paisley,Scotland is NOT part of history.

The only general knowledge in my head as of right now is that khloe kardasian is getting married.and the only piece of argument that has been battling in my mind is whether ellen degeneres will be a good judge on idol. OMG.

God, i need to read. and hopefully,be clever.

umm this may take a while.