Thursday, August 27, 2009

Funny (maybe not so) encounters

I was on my way back to KLIA from Langkawi the other day. I sat next to this nice English family (I was hoping for a scottish accent but alas..)of five- the blonde father, the brunnete mother, two blonde sons and one brunnete daughter. I sat next to the mother who was really friendly.

When we were half way through our travel, the stewardess gave us peanuts and buah kurma since it was the holy month of Ramadhan. One of the blonde sons was so excited when he got those peanuts and began eating them. The buah kurma given was the rather long ones so when the boy took them and looked through the plastic, he said to his little siblings in a rather excited tone,"Oh, they gave sausages!" And I was trying not to laugh out loud. I sort of covered my small laugh with a cough at the end. haha. Then, the parents corrected the boy saying it was dates. Later on, the boy tasted the kurmas and said,"I don't think I like it that much", and then,he throw it away.

And then today, I went to Pejabat MARA to take the financial statement from En. Khaizan for my visa application. At the lobby, I thought they were having an event but it was the H1N1 campaign where before anyone go up the elevator to all the MARA offices, their hands have to be sanitized. Then, I was stopped by the makcik at the pengawal counter she said sternly," Adik pakai selipar ye? Nak naik ofis tak boleh pakai selipar" . And I was a bit shocked (though it was actually my fault, wearing flipflops a.k.a selipar jamban to Bangunan Mara hehe), then I said, "huh..oh so tak boleh naik langsung ek?". She gave me the 'too bad sucker' look and simply said, "tak boleh".

Being me, well at least being me right now, I am just too tired to curse myself or the lady. Besides, it was bulan puasa (this statement always makes me annoyed because it's as if you can do all the dirty deeds during the other months)Anyways,...where was I? oh right being me, I decided to take out this frustration because not only I just travelled by car alone and got stuck in a jam for about one and a half hour to get there...haih... ok i handled the anger and frustration in stride with a short but sweet shopping spree!!! weeeeee~~~~~

Since the makcik said I cannot go up with selipar, I went to the Pertama complex(by the way Pertama complex is in the lyrics of Meet Uncle Hussain's La La La Kerja lah...pretty kewl..kinda like the Beatles and Abbey Road) next door and went to the nearest shoe shop where I bought a pair of boyish sneakers! yup yup you heard me sneakers! boyish! non-heels shoes!and then I terus pakai...heeee the Chinese girl selling the shoes was really nice..she ikat the shoe lace for me, nicely and i dunno...she just sounds soft spoken and seemed really nice.

haha so thanks to the bitter makcik at the lobby, I got myself a pair of shoes! hoorayyyyy!!!

Trima kaseh makcik!



★mariam★ said...

haha. u kan suka kasut! ;p

Azri said...

haha! sausages...