Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Walk Through November

This past month has been many words to describe this....
stressful~with the AS
glad~ its over n done with
happy ~ cuti !!!
fun ~ langkawi trip
traumatic ~ road down the hill
guilty~ 3 stitches
regret ~ unfamiliar circumstances
fearful~ fear for all my loved ones

A near death experience

such an experience can be sobering,
from the drunk goggles of life,
weather the cause be accidental,
or as intentional as crime,
'cause in reality thats all it is,
the theft of a life,
it kicks your head back into reality,
the fact that nobody is safe,
like an unspoken rule,
it is a deep subject,
festering in the minds of many,
such a situation is so unfair,
that an invisible concept rules the minds of so many


~i'm so glad that the month of november is going to end...
i just hope for happier times in december...
i am thankful that i'm still here,
i am thankful that 2 of my closest friends are still safe ,sound, n crazy still :p
i am glad dad was here with us yesterday n mom is unaffected by the incident...
i wish no one will ever go thru what i went thru tis month of november....

ps: i'll tell more when i upload the pics...

of brownies, cookies, and blueberry cheesecake...

EUREKA!!!!!! after living for 19 years in this world, I found it, I finally found what i was looking for... :)
i found out what i actually want to do with my life... i want to be...jengx3...a BAKER!!!!!
ok i know this sounds a bit out of the blue but serius ni, saya mempunyai cita-cita untuk menjadi seorang baker (baker dlm bahasa melayu ape eyh?) yang berjaya.... ok i know that right now i dont have the means to be a baker ( i dah antar ucas application for actuarial science dh pun ).but maybe just maybe suatu hari nanti i'd be able to pursue this other dream of mine....

i suke sgt baking... masak? not so much...just because of the minyak yang panas meledak yang boleh terpercik ke anggota badanku...tidak!!!!!!!! sgt sakit... so masak x brape suke lah...hehe but will try to learn of course...

ever since raya aidilfitri recently, i really got into baking. before this, i did bake brownies and sardine rolls..easy things like that..but during the month of ramadhan, i opt for more challenging recipes...hihi first i did kuih nestum... ok so 1st try xjdk(hangus kat bawah die hehe), but 2nd try jadik!!! yahooo!!!
tapi sedih i sorang je makan...

my brothers ni fussy skit , kuih2 kureng nk makan esp my little brother who cm anak org putih, a product of mcD, grand theft auto,too much ps3...he only eats famous amos cookies...cisss...walaupun adik saya hampeh dan saya hampa tetapi ini tidak memutuskan asa saya dalam meneruskan perjuangan sambil belajar baking...

so i continued the small steps of being a baker by doing yet another difficult recipe~ blueberry cheesecake... aunty ha's famous recipe....jadik!!!! but oklah, maybe base die tuh boleh kurangkan ketebalan but ok la... atleast my abang makan la gak...yatta!!!

but this fun journey was cut short...because raya was ending n back to kyuem for a reality check.. im still an a level student trying to go overseas for a degree which is not baking....haih... but no fear i could not wait for end of the year holidays for more baking.... heeeeee

so thats how it all i found out i finally had a dream... my OWN dream...something i could do in the future...because at the end of the day, you just want to be happy with what you do, doesnt matter how much you earned, but if I am happy with what i'm doing, then to me, i earned much more than i could ever imagined :)

starting anew

i decided to start anew, once again...
i havent been very successfull blogging..
truth be told, im not good at this whole expressing yourself to a heartless rectangular shaped screen..
i'm pretty old fashioned..i prefer sharing with objects that could actually respond to whatever i'm saying... but hey i'm giving this another go... partly because i am dead bored but i do have somethings in my life that i want to share with this rectangular piece of metal...mine's pink in colour by the way...hihi
so here it goes.......
ok out of ideas....hehe wait for next posts ya