Monday, September 21, 2009

Heriot-Watt Uni. Edinburgh

Sudah genap satu minggu di Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt Uni to be exact. A lot has happen since I arrived. Rasa macam dah duduk sini satu bulan. So far, mostly nice warm memories minus the unbelievably cold weather. I mean, I know before I came here that Scotland is the coldest place in the UK but boy, I did not expect it would be this cold and yet my scottish flatmate said that this is warm for yes OMG! takpe2 amira,empat tahun je.. :0

Heriot-Watt Uni as an american would say is "so damn beautiful" or as a malay would say ' bapak gile cantik ah weyh".It was love at first sight for me and I fell in love with this place everyday since.
Tapi, bukan semua best laa..there are downsides of it like homesick but that's just temporary, well at least I hope so.

Classes so far has been ok-ish.Well, it hasn't been memorable to me. The lectures reminds me of my matriculation days. I think it will get better as the term progresses. I have four classes je. Calculus, Algebra, Econs, and Statistical Science.

My flat is really nice too. My room's view is the bomb and my flatmates are really cool... Sebelah my bilik is a Bruneian girl but dh duduk wales for 6 years, friendly sgt2.Dia banyak sama class with me, so kitorg slalu gak hangout. Sebelah bilik dia, is a girl from China. Sangat kelakar.suka menyanyi lagu dlm toilet comel. and another one is a Scot-tish. Dia cm a bit lepak je...kewl die blajar kat edinburgh uni n aritu sleepover our flat :0 haha don't worry I tak culture shock sgt so far, thanks to watching a lot of american tv =P Tambahan pula, my hall ni paling havoc arh...Caddon House! mmg pot org nk lepak2, hisap2 rokok and party! dh diajak dh oleh flat 10 kat atas untuk party sabtu ni...hmmmmm... harap iman ku kuat sepanjang pengembaraanku di sini...takpe flat 7 ada budak muscom, so insyaAllah terhindar drpd gejala2 sosial yg ada, unless shapiq konfiden ikut skali berparti :P haha

wOw, im in scotland! still can't believe. Although these past few months did not turn out like I'd like it to be, I still am really really grateful and really really wish I will not screw up,this time.

I know this sounds cliche and may not happen but I really want to turn over a new leaf,not only for others but for myself but most of it, is for others. I hope. I pray. I will.

~~~~~~~let's wait and see where this leads to.