Tuesday, August 18, 2009

.:The Secret Code:.

there was once this girl who said she would never marry for as long as she lived. then, one day, while shopping at a nearby market for apples and herbs, she met the man of her dreams, the Apple man. she swore that he was the most gorgeous man she has ever seen in her entire life. not only that, his politeness and kindness stole her heart in an instance.

the next day, she went to the market again. she looked for him at the fruit section. he was not there. her heart starts racing as she could not find him. she asked the Pear lady next to the apple stall where the Apple man went. the Pear lady answered "the Apple man died last night.there was a fire. his whole house Crumbled in flames." the girl's heart stopped. she could not breathe. she fainted. she woke up the next morning telling everyone in her family that she would never ever let herself fall in love again.

Actually, this stupid story is my way of saying how bored I am right now. But what lies behind this story is actually a dish that I actually baked.

I am currently listening to Taylor Swift's You're Not Sorry and if you buy her album, all of her lyrics are in lower case except few capital letters. These few huruf besar spells out a hidden code a bit more about the songs. I think that's really cool. Love her!

Anyway, by reading the stupid short story, can you find the secret code and guess what sweet dish I'm baking tonight??

I think a five year old can figure this one out.fast.

note to self: find something better to do.