Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tips For The Broken-hearted

Well, it doesn't take a huge fight with your boyfriend that leads to a horrible breakup for your heart to be broken. What it takes is to give me friends for life who are hard to find and only to be separated from them after merely two years. Yes, my heart has broken.

AWW.... inilah jiwang dalam bahasa omputeh.... ;)

Back at home. all that i feel can be described in Aizat's song:

Sayu terpisah
Hikayat indah kini hanya tinggal sejarah
Berhembus angin rindu
Begitunya menya? terhidu wangian kasih mu ( i xdpt catch ape lirik tu so nyanyi slalu hentam macam ni je)

Hujan lebat mencurah kini
Bagaikan tiada henti
Kau lah laguku
Kau irama terindah
Tak lagi kudengari
Kau Pergi.....iii....iiiii

miss my frens.

What do you do at times like this?

I must move on but before that, i have to shed away the pain... eeeewww jiwang omputeh lg...

I suke google "How to", biasanya i google How to Lose 10kg in a month? (btw, tak pernah berkesan), How to learn Japanese?, How to remove a pimple in 24 hours?, How to write a proposal?( i bwat mase dilantik jadi secretary housetrip dulu2..haha klakar..mlm tu i cuak gile, i gi google..teruk kan...hah skang baru bleh cite tabiat buruk dulu huhu)and banyak lagi yang ngarut yang tak perlu diketahui.

So this is what i found,


1. Be gentle with yourself. I have no idea i have no idea what this means but what I did was I pampered myself. I did my spa-at-home ritual.

1st, the normal nose patch for the evil blackheads.

Then, there was the eye patch for the horrible eye bags.

*gambar tiada kerana terbuang paket tu. that was my last one*

After that, the Light Lightening Peel-Off Mask yang memang obvious tak efektif malah timbul sebiji jerawat lagi

Last but never the least, the typical Nail Buffer

2.You have to learn to say GOODBYE and MOVE ON. dah cakap.tak dek benda ajaib pun berlaku.

3. MUSIC. it helps soothes the soul. My pick would be 'Rindu Terhenti' by Tomok. Yours? Anything but "The World's Greatest" by R. Kelly..our batch song ...sedeh gile kalo dengar balik..

4.WRITING or JOURNALING. Poetry would be nice. and just BLOG about it. like what I'm doing right now.

5.Go out to movies. with someone. don't go out alone!

So far, I haven't had the time to go to the cinema because I'm busy either looking for hantaran baskets or finding the right cute little gowns for the flower girls. Tomorrow, my destination is Jalan TAR! to find kain untuk dijahit for our side punye reception. Besides, I'm broke. Can't afford a movie ticket.So sad. Kene tunggu allowance my brother masuk..heee

Instead, I opt to watch movie yang ade kat dalam laptop.

Movie No.1: A Cinderella Story (owh hotnye Chad Michael Murray) ~dapat lupekan chalet
Movie No2: Another Cinderella Story (owh hotnye Drew Seeley) ~dapat lupekan Sapphire
Movie No.3: Confessions of A Shopaholic (owh hotnye Hugh Dancy) ~dapat lupekan KYUEM
Movie No. 4: BANGSAWAN 2009 (owh hotnye Sapphire!) owh no... ingat balik masa2 indah di chalet, Sapphire, KYUEM and all my frens... :(

ISH... benci laptop movies....tak membantu langsung...hmmmphhh...tomorow nak pergi tengok movie yang betul2laa...

Verdict: My heart has not healed, yet. :( HELP!