Thursday, May 13, 2010




Monday, February 1, 2010



So much has really happened since my last post here. I haven't been blogging as much as I used to but I will not give up on this blog, at least not yet. I still haven't figured out which direction that this blog is going to take (same goes with my life right now, i must say) but never the less I will NOT give up on this!

So much has changed for the past month. I have a new dream. I'm strengthening an old one as well.
I have changed my perspective on things though I haven't stop believing.

So much I want to do and will do. These few months I will change my life (i thought by saying it here, eventually it will come true, wouldn't it? haha fat chance, it's really all up to me then). It will take a while for anything to happen really.

So, as for now, all I can say here is that this blog (and my life) is


till we meet again ;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A way back home,please.

This excerpt of a poem is dedicated to my friend whom I wish would come back home because I will not find my way back if she doesn't. Please come back home.

Let me ask you, butterfly, do you remember your cocoon?
Perhaps you recall spinning thread, a caterpillar's ungainly crawl?
If we can jog your memory, maybe there is hope for me

William Kim (Unsong) but I maybe mistaken.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Real Stories.

So... for about over a month, I have been posting very abstract things about my life through melancholic poems and lyrics which at times don't make sense at all. I would read them again and think to myself "What in the world was I thinking/feeling?" =.=" huh?

Now, let's talk about something real, real happenings in my daily life. This couple of weeks have been all about tests. It started with Calculus,Algebra,Economics, Statistics and yikes Calculus and Algebra again. So, I'm done with them. The night when I finally finished the last test until semester exams was unbelievably boring. After playing squash at the sports centre, I sat at my chair,staring at my pink laptop for about two hours until some unidentified gossip girl started to skype with me. But alas, even after that, we (the gossip girl and I) were still bored to death. Then, I went looking for another gossip girl to chat. So, I called gossip girl no.2 also popularly known as Bimbo No. 2 and we chat for two long hours while stalking people on facebook HAHA. That was fun! Thank You BIMS!!

Random things:

1. I have only ONE sachet of old town hazelnut white coffee here in the UK. So, i am drinking it little by little so that it can last me until winter ie. when I go back to Malaysia. yey!

2.Right now, I'm into Korean. haha this is what happens when you have no other source of entertainment besides what's in your laptop. Right now, I am into 2PM, they're like the BEST boy group ever. So yeah, maybe I'm a bit lembab to like them after so long..but who cares.

3.I bought two chopsticks today, one is pink in colour and another is baby blue..kyaaa~~~ :)

4. Tommorow, I am making kimbap (Korean 'SUSHI'). We'll see how that goes.

5. I just realised that tomorrow is actually spelled with one 'M' and two 'R' (see no.4)

6. And owh, i've just been outbid for an item. :( ugggh.. I need this item to start my new found hobby. I'm not going to give up! Hwaiting!!

Well, that's about it for now. I'm off to make ramyon a.k.a korean instant noodles a.k.a maggi owh but wait, this one has got kimchi in it. So, I'll be having a Korean dinner tonight using my pink chopsticks. :D


Thursday, November 5, 2009


What did I get from all that????

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Segar hari ini
Sejarah meninggal
Segak berseri
Seperti intan bernilai

Sayu hati ini
Sampah sinonim diri
Sarat benak fikiran
Sandarkan masa depan

Setia itu kawan
Sahabat tiada mesti
Sayang sudah pergi
Semangat ini janji.

ps: made no sense,but somehow it does,i think.

Friday, October 23, 2009

'Semangat' or is it?

I haven't been writing about my life,wait my new life in a different continent,different environment and of course different 'semangat'. To be honest, the 'tamparan hebat' of my results has not subside which is weird as I am not the kind of person who would dwell and whine about things that happen to me. Almost everyday NO! everyday i still hear myself asking what if? at the bottom of my heart.What if I had done this? What if I hadn't go there? What if? That's why I'm usually writing crappy poems(if you can call them poems but of course,you can definitely call them crappy).

I am now here in university with a new found semangat. A spirit that is rarely in me after this so many years. Frankly, how I got this far has always been a wonder as I was never(still am not) passionate about anything in my life. I do love money.umm but that's not passion,that's an obsession. However, here it goes. My semangat. I want to work hard. I want to forget the past(which i can't even now). Sometimes, though now it feels like most of the time, this semangat of mine has its drawbacks. I feel that this semangat make me feel disconnected somehow. I'm more distant from others. These days, I smile less, I look more serious and am just not as involved as I once have. Giving reasons of this sort of behaviour is what I always do. What if I want to keep this new spirit of mine without having to forgo other things that do matter to me. Is there an equilibrium point for both sides? Do I have to chose? Or is this one of those creepy questions that can only be answered after the life-long journey ahead? I can't wait that long. How do I know? huh?

yapping.yapping.yapping. On the bright side(haha suddenly ade bright side,apekah?), I have been blessed, I know. I realised that ever since I got this scholarship from Mara. I have been blessed. Who gets a C in further maths with a D and E for its components? Strange.But that is the work of Allah. He is always kind. I feel grateful. Thank you. :') really.