Friday, August 21, 2009

Beyond stupidity

I've learned rather early in my life that life isn't perfect. You can make mistakes. You can cheat in a 1st grade exam and not just get away with it but also received RM50 from dad for scoring 100% in the test. Your teachers can be mean at you because they think you are such a spoiled little brat when all you did was acting as a 12 year old because you were in fact 12 at that time. Oh and parents can bicker in front of their children. Like I said life, family, and friends, they all ain't perfect. Parents are allowed to call their kids stupid and make them actually really feel stupid and hopeless even if you manage to get all the As in exam. See, an A does not have anything to do with stupidity. You are not stupid. You are only stupid if you are called stupid by someone else. If you can't avoid being called stupid when you are getting consistent As all your life, imagine getting a C now. What's beyond stupidity? I thought I'd never found the answer to that question. But sadly, I did.

Beyond stupidity lies shame and humiliation. (which actually mean the same damn thing but of course you wouldn't know because you are not very smart which owh by the way,also mean that you are stupid..ahhhaaa)

I guess what I'm trying to say is...I don't know what I'm trying to say. ugggghhh I am just so sad right now.

Wow this is by far, the saddest most pathetic post I have ever written but by far the most honest.

ps: I am trying so hard to conjure up any positive thought in my head but failed,miserably.


-bihah- said...

try imagine getting no As at all..??
takper ban...bak kat iman kat fb pun...ada lg yg lg malang...
Allah has everything set for us...kita kena terus usaha je...and doa terus kat DIA...^_^