Monday, June 29, 2009


Call me a loser or childish or even crazy, but I'm HOOKED on the HOEDOWN THROWDOWN!
It's the signature dance in the Hannah Montana The Movie! I L-O-V-E it!

It's simple. Anyone can do it! Well, if I CAN do it, obviously anyone can do it! Best giler!
Amat senang. Lagi senang daripada tarian piring or zapin or shuffle.

ok, maybe i'm a little too excited but it's fun. Even if you're not a Hannah Montana Fan, i think you'll enjoy it if you give it a go. And i dah berjaya khatam the dance in only half an hour! woohoo!

These are the basic simple steps ...amat mudah dan berkesan.

Pop it, lock it
Polka dot it
Countrify then
Hip-hop it
Put your hawk in the sky
Move side to side
Jump to the left
Stick it, glide

Zig-zag cross the floor
Shuffle in diagonal
When the drum hits
Hands on your hips
One footed
180 twist

and then a,
Zig-zag, step n' slide
Lean it left
clap three times
Shake it out
Head to toe
Throw it all together
That's how we roll

xfaham? tontoni video ini...cuba try test ! best!

Banyak tutorial video yg ada but i personally suke this one coz it's from miley herself and cepat tangkap.

Marilah!Ayuh, buat jangan tak buat! ala, bukannya anda ada benda lain yang boleh dibuat. Daripada tgk movie, makan, tidor, etc. baik buat the HOEDOWN THROWDOWN!

ps: umm, you may hate me but i honestly think Hannah Montana The Movie is better than Transformers 2.. (eventhough i dah tgk transformer 2 kali dah) ~my opinion


★mariam★ said...

i dgn adik i tgh practice! :D