Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Secrets...

*mase sekolah dulu saya selalu gak write poems, sajak or syair...dulu konon nak jadik cam my dad tapi nak buat camne sikit je kuah tumpah kat taklah berbakat..
but some how today i feel like writing this...a feeling that have been bottled up for far too long, an unnecessary feeling pun...

Our Secrets

six took steps
along the way
waiting for rest
reaching for what may

we discover secrets
of some truth,lies and care
it seemed so simple
private but bare...

i for one unsure
the line of secrets
they told me
no doubt forgotten
in a week's time
there'll be no worry

but alas alack...
(through a third person)
it was found
but not what it was
not even

the secret the name
of this poem
remain untold
like a riddle hard to crack
like a needle in a haystack

let the line of secret be
whatever it was to be
i for now am sure the secret
is a truth no more
for i have seen the lie
and made up my mind

*by the way, this poem ade tempias poem The Secret by Denise Levertov...
but i made it my own little story....


Huzayfah Hafas said...

Ban2...saya bangga dgn kamus sbg saya punye Housecap...n driver di Langkawi..Ciayok!... Ban, saya tag kamu..sila lawat blog saya (klu willing nk buat) utk arahan seterusnya....tq..