Monday, January 19, 2009

i cant

Tonite i realise that I can't do a lot of things.... It's so freaking frustrating.....

Ten things I can't:

1. I can't go to sleep
2. I can't do this Math
3. I can't take this test
4. I can't handle it
5. I can't balance it all
6. I can't be what his norm is
7. I can't solve this simultaneous equation
8. I can't say it out loud
9. I can't have it my way
10.I can't take it anymore

i know it's a bit sad and sappy...pathetic even...

dah arh, nak gi bwat kanji nih plak... :)


Maziah Stapah Salleh said...

bandung... things can't be too perfect and so do humans . betol tak? btw, rajin2 la ko update blog ko nih ek.. =p