Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Walk Through November

This past month has been many words to describe this....
stressful~with the AS
glad~ its over n done with
happy ~ cuti !!!
fun ~ langkawi trip
traumatic ~ road down the hill
guilty~ 3 stitches
regret ~ unfamiliar circumstances
fearful~ fear for all my loved ones

A near death experience

such an experience can be sobering,
from the drunk goggles of life,
weather the cause be accidental,
or as intentional as crime,
'cause in reality thats all it is,
the theft of a life,
it kicks your head back into reality,
the fact that nobody is safe,
like an unspoken rule,
it is a deep subject,
festering in the minds of many,
such a situation is so unfair,
that an invisible concept rules the minds of so many


~i'm so glad that the month of november is going to end...
i just hope for happier times in december...
i am thankful that i'm still here,
i am thankful that 2 of my closest friends are still safe ,sound, n crazy still :p
i am glad dad was here with us yesterday n mom is unaffected by the incident...
i wish no one will ever go thru what i went thru tis month of november....

ps: i'll tell more when i upload the pics...


alifnur said...

near death experience.
pretty scary, come to think of it.